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Take a Deep Dive into the 12 Principles on March 8 to 10 and Upgrade Your Family Recovery Journey!

BALM | March 1, 2024

When we ask people how the BALM has helped them, they say things like:

  • I’m calmer than I was before. 
  • I have the words I need for conversations with my loved one
  • I’m feeling like I have tools and a plan to move forward.


And after a bit, many say things like:

  • I feel like my loved one is beginning to hear me.
  • Things are beginning to change
  • He/she is getting help
  • We have recovery in our home for the first time in years…


BALM works. Families who use it find a new way of being, speaking and acting that often helps their loved one to make better choices in their own life!

And it all starts with the foundational BALM 12 Principles. The ideas and tools in this remarkable set of principles start with love, compassion and peace and walk family members through a process that often leads to increased connection and recovery.

And in BALM, it all starts with the power of One. When only one person in the family is willing to study the BALM and walk the loving path, things can begin to change. By shifting the way we think about, speak about, and respond to our struggling loved one, we can have a greater impact even if we are the only one in the family doing so. 

When we have a loved one struggling with addiction and/or mental health issues, it can feel so overwhelming. And yet, there is hope. BALM’s solution-focused curriculum goes beyond hope into action  in a positive loving way. 

Next weekend, March 8-10, we are hosting a 3 day BALM 12 Principles Weekend. This interactive deep dive into the principles can change the way you relate to everyone in your family starting with yourself!

If you can, please join us for this Deep Dive.. Even if you have taken the BALM before, engaging in the material in this way, with a group of other family members over an entire weekend, in both small and large groups can bring clarity and peace where before you felt only despair. Learn how to use BALM ideas and tools to transform your family’s reality!

If you cannot make it live on that weekend, you may want to order the 12 Principles on Demand Course which includes 12 hours of lessons (1 hour per principle), video clips of each lesson so you can focus on mini lessons and 7-10 video interviews with each principle to help you deepen your understanding of the principles as you go.

You can get either of these programs for $497 each or both for $899.

To get started on your journey, enroll here..

Again, thank you for your interest in BALM.

Let me know how I can be of service going forward.



Bev Buncher