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Our Learning Management System

BALM | June 1, 2016

In case you are still on the old Family Recovery Academy, we want you to know that Family Recovery Academy at the BALM® Institute has moved to a new advanced Learning Management System to give all of us the chance to work with a much more flexible and wonderful environment that will open us up to many more learning opportunities!


What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A Learning Management System is basically an online environment that allows learners to access their lessons, live, written and/or recorded most easily.

What if I am having a hard time getting on the LMS or using it?

As we know, all new beginnings can be challenging! That’s why France Jubinville from our tech team has made herself available to take your calls. You can reach France at 954-793-1764. You may also send your requests for help to support@familyrecoveryresources.com

What are the big squares on the page with the pictures of paths on them?

These are our Learning Paths. The entire program is now organized in learning paths. A learning path is simply a collection of courses.

Families can attend the Information, Transformation, and Support Paths! Please click on these to see the many classes and materials available to you. 

You may notice that the Daily BALM® is now part of the Information Learning Path and each of the Principles is its own course. This will make it easier for you to find the materials and utilize them. 

Can’t I just keep using the old system?

It is time to transition from the old to the new system. Please make it your business to make that transition this week, if you have not already. If you need help doing so, give France a call at 954 793-1764.

While the old FRA still works, it will be defunct soon so we want to make sure all of you who are enrolled in the BALM® Comprehensive and/or Coach Training can access and utilize the NEW Family Recovery Academy (FRA).

If you haven’t tried it yet, PLEASE DO! And please be sure to utilize our support team’s generous offer of live help as we move toward all of us growing into automaticity with these new tech tools!

Do you have any other ways for us to learn about the LMS?

To help you use this new environment, we have also set up a series of videos that are available to you on the site. These explain and take you through everything from how to get on, how to sign up for a course, how to get on a live course, how to listen to recordings, etc. 

Here are the links if you are a member of FRA and would like to get started now.

Click here to learn how  to Navigate Family Recovery Academy: 

Click here to Learn How to  Watch a Video on FRA

Click here to learn How to Use the Messaging Platform so you can talk to other families in the BALM® Community.

We are excited about how this new system is taking the program to the next level of accessibility for you, our coach trainees and families!

How do I get on Live Calls? I can’t seem to get through on Maestro anymore.

We are no longer using Maestro for our live calls! Instead, we are on an online training program connected to Family Recovery Academy (which is what we call our LMS)

Click here to learn how to register and get on live sessions.

Click here to find out what to do once you are on the live session.

So, if you are going to Maestro, you will not be able to attend. But through Family Recovery Academy, you can now listen to recordings, read handouts, and attend live classes!

We look forward to growing in our collective expertise in using this amazing new system!

Let us know how we can help YOU get to all of the classes, recordings, videos, and written materials you are eligible to use.

What if it is too hard for me?

If we were not certain that in the long run this system would be worthwhile for you and all of us, we wouldn’t be on it. 

But we get it that it can be hard to learn a new system – especially when things in your life may be leading you to flood a lot even without it.

So, we ask that you breathe through even THIS transition, use our help and dive in!!!

Don’t be shy! 

Call France for help and let us all work together to benefit from our new collective endeavor.