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New Year, New Opportunity for Family Recovery!

BALM | January 2, 2013

The New Year is a great opportunity for new beginnings.

While the latest research indicates that 40% of resolutions fall to the wayside, goals that you write down and develop with action plans and accountability work!

So, how can you, as a family member make this work for you?

I’d like to invite you to start now as follows:

Use a notebook or a document on your computer to list 3 changes you would like to see happen in your life this year. Here are some possibilities:

  • help my addict see what they are doing to themselves so they will want to get clean
  • learn more about addiction and recovery and my own role in my loved one’s struggle
  • find ways to enjoy my life regardless of how others live their lives
  • reduce my obsession with changing my addicted loved one
  • pay more attention to my own life and my own responsibilities unrelated to the addict in my life
  • Stop yelling at my addict
  • give my non-addicted children more attention
  • improve my attitude and performance at work
  • take a vacation for the first time in a long time regardless of the choices my addict is making in his/her life
  • reunite with my grandchildren
  • make peace with my children (husband, parents, siblings, etc.)
  • enjoy my life more
  • Become A Loving Mirror and live from that place of calm wisdom

If any of these desired changes resonate with you, you are not alone!

Being related to someone struggling with drugs, alcohol or any other addiction can bring out the worst in those who love them… or, through Becoming A Loving Mirror, can bring out the best!

The bad news is, it hurts to watch a loved one destroy their life.

The good news is, focusing on goals like the ones above CAN make a difference in our loved ones lives and will DEFINITELY improve the quality ofy our own life!

Being A Loving Mirror  is a goal and a destination! It begins with relief when you find out you are not alone, moves on to a sense of inner calm that permeates your life and relationships, and culminates with the ability to more effectively communicate with everyone in your life, addict or not.

Our company, now named Family Recovery Resources, LLC,  is here to help you help yourself to a whole new way of life filled with greater hope, joy and fulfillment. We’ll start wherever you would like to start, looking at the goals you want to reach and helping you design a custom program for you and your family. The action plans will be ones YOU choose and buy into. No one will be telling you what you MUST do. Instead, we will help you stay accountable to the agenda YOU choose.

Family Recovery Coaching is not therapy. It is goals centered work that you design with the help of your Family Recovery Coach.

Now partnering with other treatment, intervention, and recovery coaching companies, we also now offer you options for you and your loved ones to help your entire family get well in the new year!

Stay tuned to our site at familyrecoveryresources.com to learn more about the upcoming blog posts, articles, coaching groups, classes and other opportunities to help YOU reach your goals and dreams this year!!!

If you don’t want to wait, click here now to set up a complimentary session with Coach Bev to discuss how we can help you!

Happy New Year everyone. May this year bring you inner peace and healing for you and your loved ones!