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Learn the BALM 12 Principles More Deeply:

BALM | January 15, 2017

Daily BALM Daytime adds a new dimension to the BALM Comprehensive!

When families come to study the BALM®, they do so for a very simple reason: someone in their family is struggling and they have been told that understanding and practicing the principles and steps of BALM® could make a positive difference for the loved one and the family. And when they do apply these concepts into their day to day lives families find their own lives growing simpler and more loving, and, often, they find their loved ones growing more receptive to the recovery journey!

To make it easier to absorb the principles of BALM®, we have presented them in a variety of ways, most recently and to this day, on Wednesday evenings in the form of interviews on a different principle each week..

This month, as a new year begins, we are adding a daytime Daily BALM® class on Mondays at noon ET..

The unique thing about this offering is in its approach to scheduling.

While we offer a different principle each week in our Wednesday evening class, the Monday class is offering a novel approach:

Each month, we will focus on one of the 12 principles so that by the end of the year, we will have studied all 12 principles of BALM®.

To make it educational for the new BALMers and add depth for those who have been BALMer’s for a while, we are offering the following schedule each month:

Week one of each month will consist of the lesson for that month’s principle.

On week two, a family member or loved one will share a personal story of recovery as it relates to the principle.

Week three will be taught by an expert who is knowledgeable about the principle of the month and on week four, of each month, we will have a group discussion during which participants will be able to discuss their experience with the principle and how it is impacting life in their family.(While the schedules of our speakers may cause us to slightly alter the order of classes in the course of a month, we will stick with one principle for the entire month to insure depth of study.

We look forward to seeing you each Monday at noon ET as we fully explore the 12 principles of BALM® in this novel way.

And if you would like to bring your expertise or experience to a session, please contact the class facilitator/BALM® Coach Jill Prevas (jprevas@familyrecoveryresources.com)  who will be setting up speakers, conducting pre-interviews with our interviewees, and leading the weekly web conferences.

Looking forward to an educational recovery fest this year and hoping you and yours will make time and space to grow ever more BALMlike in your relationships!



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