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I’m not perfect as a BALMer. What should I do?

BALM | March 17, 2016

Let’s restate that – You are perfect as the BALMer you are – perfectly imperfect.

We say that BALM® is a practice (that we are practicing BALM®) because it is both the path and the destination rolled into one. We practice BALM® daily and at a certain point we find that Be A Loving Mirror is our default way of responding to the world.

But here are some of the things many of us who practice BALM® regularly ask ourselves as a sort of checklist when we feel like our own BALMing is not up to where we want to be:

  1. Are you flooding? If so, go to lesson three of the Daily BALM® on Family Recovery Academy and follow the instructions on how to stop flooding in its tracks.
  2. Have you meditated today? If not, start your day over as soon as possible. Find a quiet place and just Be. Allow the peace that is always there for you to return. Become calm from the inside out. Listen to one of the many BALM® meditations to help you recapture your inner peace or do a simple five rounds of 4-4-8.
  3. Is something confusing you? Take out a Clear-Unclear chart. (Step Two of the 7 Steps to BALM®).  Write the question you are confused about and go at it!
  4. Are you simply upset by everything that is going on in your family? Breathe through it, face your upset. Be with yourself without judgment. No, the situation is neither easy, nor pleasant. Anyone in your situation would be upset. Since staying upset is not your preferred state of being, choose one of the activities in Step Three of the 7 Steps to BALM® to do. Bring yourself back to center. If you need help, have a laser session with your BALM® Coach, write in your journal, or call your BALM® buddy. Sometimes it just helps to vent. That done, see what needs to be done next and do it.


If you are in the BALM® community, but haven’t taken your first 7 Steps to BALM® class yet or could use a review, the next 7 Steps to BALM® class is starting Wednesday, August 23rd at 6:00 pm ET (watch your Weekly Call List for link to register).

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Be A Loving Mirror!