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Grateful to Know About How to Stop Flooding? Come Meet the Person Who Wrote the Book on it!

BALM | April 14, 2018

9 years ago, during Recovery Life Coach Training, my teacher told us about a wonderful book called Conflict Unraveled – Fixing Problems at Work and in Families. I didn’t know it at the time, but that book and its author, would come to have an enormous impact on the development of the BALM® and on all of our families.

The author, Andra Medea, applied John Gottman’s idea of flooding to families impacted by the severe stress of addiction and other overwhelming challenges. In doing so, she gave a name to the chaotic state of mind and heart that can hit us when faced with the ongoing challenges of loving or being someone with a Substance Use Disorder.

Since I started writing and teaching the Be A Loving Mirror® classes eight years ago, I have noticed how critical an understanding of flooding, what it is,  how to lower our internal temperature in order to help us get our lives back and help our loved ones do so, has been to our families. In fact, learning about and mastering how to stop flooding is something almost every family mentions when discussing how the BALM® is helping them help their family!

This Monday, we are very fortunate to have Andra Medea join us on the Daily BALM®, where she will discuss how she came to develop this idea specifically for conflicts at work and in the family as well as the brain research behind what has become an important part of the BALM® program.

She herself is doing important work on her 3C De-escalation program which she is implementing with families affected by addiction. The C’s stand for Calm Circuits Connection.

Don’t miss this program on Monday, 16th at 12:00 noon ET. Of course, if you are a member of the BALM® Community, you can listen to it on our Family Recovery Academy platform afterwards, where we will have this recording along with the almost 400 other recordings of Recovery Experts, including professionals, family members and loved ones in recovery.

See you Monday!

Be A Loving Mirror!

Best, Bev

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