+ Introductory Q and A for the Grief Recovery Support Group - FREE TO ALL! - BALM

Loss is a universal experience. Yet, in our culture, it is so often spoken of in hushed terms with phrases such as “I didn’t know what to say to him.” “I can’t bear to talk about it.” 

Sometimes it is the person most touched by the loss who is tongue tied. Often, it is the people around them. This can lead to a sense of suffering in isolation that magnifies the necessary pain of the loss itself. 

The stigma of SUD and co-occurring disorders only adds to this isolation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

While we never ‘get over’ the loss of our loved ones and cannot be asked or expected to, we can learn new ways to relate to the loss, the people or dreams we have lost, and new ways to survive, cope and yes, even thrive in our lives as we move forward. 

This course, which combines a structured curriculum and the opportunity to process and share feelings and experiences, has been proven to help participants do just that! 

Join us on Tuesday, December 17th at 9 PM ET for an Introductory Q and A call  that will give you a clear picture of the journey ahead in the upcoming Grief Recovery Support Group and if it could be a worthwhile journey for you with some of those those who have taken the course and with the therapist leading us through this process, Eric Bricker, LMHC.


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