+ BALM Family Recovery Specialist Certification - BALM

This is a stand-alone certification or can be part one of the BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training ACTP Program. Become an expert in the BALM and a certified 12 Principles Instructor in this online program which combines self-pacing and scheduled classes..

BALM® Family Recovery Specialists become experts in the BALM Program and take the 12 Principles into their communities where they teach 12 Principle classes and advise families using their knowledge and experience in BALM Family Recovery.

This powerful program can be used as the first part of the BALM Coach Training Program or as a stand-alone training. It gives therapists, treatment center counselors, peer support specialists, and others looking for a solution-oriented program to share with families, a turnkey program for doing so. 


  • All inclusive turnkey facilitation program

  • Scripts, powerpoints, and lesson plans for the BALM 12 Principles 12 week 24 hour class, along with handouts, a handbook and ongoing support throughout and after training

  • Books and manuals at a reduced bulk rate

  • Full access to the entire BALM Family Program along with all of the materials therein for your own personal growth and development.


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Usual tuition: $3000.

$2500 – Introductory Special!