+ BALM Family Recovery Specialist Certification and Life coach Certification


Are you someone who cares about families impacted by a loved one’s struggles with substance use disorders?

Are you looking for a way to enhance the work you do with families?

BALM® Family Recovery Specialists become experts in the BALM® Program and take the 12 Principles into their communities where they teach BALM® 12 Principle classes and advise families using their knowledge and experience in BALM® Family Recovery.

This powerful program can be used as the first part of the BALM Coach Training Program or as a stand-alone training. It gives therapists, treatment center counselors, life coaches, peer support specialists and others looking for a solution-oriented program to share with families, a turnkey program for doing so. 


  • All inclusive turnkey facilitation program

  • Scripts, powerpoints, and lesson plans for the BALM® 12 Principles, a 12 week 24 hour class, along with handouts, a book, a handbook and ongoing support throughout and after training

  • Books and manuals for students can be purchased at a reduced bulk rate

  • Full access to the entire BALM® Family Program along with all of the materials therein for your own personal growth and development.

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Note: Enroll now to complete studies in time for facilitation course in February.