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BALM® 12 Principles for Persons with Use Disorders

Thumbnail Description The BALM 12 Principles adapted to help those with Use Disorders benefit from the BALM Recovery Program.

Start Dates in March 4 to June 10, 2020

Length of program – 13 weeks

Who it is for – persons with 2 years of sustained recovery and balm family recovery life coaches who have taken or plan to take the BALM Recovery Life Coaching CCE course.

Location Zoom Online

Max number of participants 24

Call 1-888-998-2256 To Learn More, Get Pricing, And Enroll

After 9 years of seeing the impact that BALM Family Recovery is having on families and loved ones, we are launching a program based on these same principles specifically for their loved ones. At this time, we are offering the course to persons in long term recovery and to the BALM Coaches who have trained or are in training to work with individuals with use disorders through our BALM Recovery Life Coaching CCE Course.

The BALM Method is a loving communication model that empowers change without coercion, condescension or control. And it is much more than that. Similar to well-known research-based models such as Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Stages of Change, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the BALM helps people move their lives forward powerfully.

Yet, it is not limited to these methods. Other evidence-based practices such as mindfulness, brief intervention, compassionate conversation and loving relationship can also be seen in this program, but that’s not all the BALM is.

This Comprehensive Educational and Life Coaching Method offers the unique gift of expanding  the understanding of the way in which recovery happens in families. In fact, participants have called it revolutionary.

These technologies, and the way in which they are combined in the BALM Program, have had an enormous impact on our families for the last nine years which has led to our families reporting a deepening of  inner wisdom, autonomy, self-actualization and self-worth regardless of the person’s circumstances and current use habits.

We have seen family members in the BALM choose recovery from their own use disorders and attribute it to their growth in the BALM. We have seen people in long term recovery report a deepening of their 30 year recovery program and attribute it to the BALM.

This has led us as a community to develop a comprehensive recovery education program for individuals with use disorders.

This program includes the BALM brand of Information, Transformation and Support in a journey that includes research based tools for transformation in the context of both a course and an ongoing relationship with a Certified BALM Family Recovery Life Coach who has been through a comprehensive program of study designed to create experts in both life coaching and the BALM.

BALMⓇ stands for Be A Loving MirrorⓇ which is an approach that emphasizes inner growth, love and connection.

The watchwords of our program are objectivity and non-judgment. We teach our families to non-judgmentally embrace their struggling loved ones and the loved ones themselves to embrace the journey behind and ahead of them.

We often team up with treatment centers who utilize us to help support their families and loved ones on this lifelong transformational journey of recovery. At times, they bring us in before treatment to help the family and the loved one embrace the journey and other times we are invited in after treatment to keep the light of recovery burning bright and strong in the family and the loved one long after the completion of treatment.

Recovery is a call for a deepening of life and a powerful healing of that which has brought us this far. In the BALM program, we are training families to be conduits of love, compassion and wisdom and they are reporting back epic changes in their journey with their loved ones as they all move forward.

Join us as a whole family in the BALM Comprehensive Education and Life Coaching program and watch in awe as your entire world transforms!