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Communicate powerfully to help your loved one recover!

BALM | August 12, 2019

Once you are in the BALM, you quickly discover that it is a powerful communication program designed to help you awaken your own recovery and that of your loved one.

This happens quite naturally as you move through the program.

First, your inner communication shifts as you learn the BALM 12 Principles of Family Recovery. You find out that:

  1. you have a role to play in your loved one’s recovery
  2. change is possible
  3. by letting go of your obsession with having things your way you can help more powerfully
  4. in fact you can be your loved one’s BEST chance at recovery!

Then, as you dive into the 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror you deepen your inner communication with the first three steps as you:

  1. practice mindfulness
  2. observe your loved one’s behaviors objectively
  3. become aware of your own emotional state without judging yourself for how you feel.

Finally, you create a new way of communicating with your loved one that truly has the potential to awaken them from the slumber of their use disorder. This process is all about:

  1. step 4: documenting your loved one’s words and behaviors as you look for patterns
  2. step 5: scripting a loving conversation that will allow you to share facts that their own blindside has kept them from seeing.
  3. step 6: having that loving BALM conversation in a planful way that respects your needs and those of your loved one
  4. step 7: if needed, setting a boundary that protects you from the chaos of the situation that their use disorder has created

Families who experience this process find themselves with new skills and a deepening ability to handle the chaos and move toward the sanity that recovery promises.

Could this help you?

Call us to sign up for the Online BALM Family Recovery Program OR the upcoming 7 steps retreat! Or both!

If inner freedom, along with the ability to help your loved one get better sounds good to you, don’t put it off!

Call today! 1-888-998-BALM (2256) option 2 and learn how to…

Be A Loving Mirror!




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