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Bev’s Corner – Pray for Victims of Hurricane Harvey and for the Families and Loved Ones Experiencing the Hurricane of Addiction Everyday

BALM | August 28, 2017

Texas is going through what the FEMA Director is calling the worst disaster in Texas history. The Mayor has advised residents to go to their rooftops and await rescue. The highways are flooded, as are critical hospitals and just about everything else in the city. There was no evacuation order until this morning, now that many cannot get out, perhaps because no one could imagine that it could really get that bad, but it did…And as for rebuilding the city, first let’s get everyone out safe, but rebuilding could take years.

I wrote my original Bev’s Corner blog on the topic of staying in the moment before I heard how bad it really was getting. And I wrote it more for myself as a resident of a nearby town, Lake Charles, Louisiana, which is just starting to get the massive rainpour and still seems ‘safe’…

For those of us who face and work with people who face our loved one’s struggles with substance use and other use disorders, It is difficult not to see how much these disasters are like the ones families face everyday when the scourge of addiction hits their homes.

Living in the moment means attending to the very real threats we face, whether in our families or our communities. It is about staying peaceful in the midst of the impending storm so that we can enjoy each moment as if and in case it is our last. It is also about staying clear headed so we can make sound decisions and take effective action in order to lessen the impact of the storm as much as possible for ourselves and our loved ones.

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And in the meantime, join us in praying for the many people facing Hurricane Harvey and the many families facing addiction, which is an ongoing hurricane that does not appear to be letting up anytime soon…

And if you will be in DC this week on Overdose Awareness Day stop by our table at the Fed Up Press Conference to End Opioid Addiction at the National Press Center at noon on Thursday and march with us at the Fed Up Candlelight Vigil and March to the White House on Thursday evening (check it out here).

And remember to Be A Loving Mirror with yourself and everyone you love!