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Are You Serious About Your Family’s Recovery or Just Window Shopping?

BALM | October 1, 2022

Recently, I received a call from a mom in LA. She has a daughter who is using and she, the mom, is constantly looking, searching, asking around, for answers, tips and ideas from people who may know how she can help her daughter. She called us and we asked why.

“I call everyone I can, no matter their path,” she said. “I just hope someone will be able to tell me the magic formula to make her stop using.”

The desperation in her plea was real. She was looking for that one thing, that one answer, that would give her the exact words to say to ‘make’ her daughter want to get into recovery.

I told her about how the BALM will give her a whole new way of relating to her daughter, one that will help her actually become her daughter’s best chance of recovery. She will learn how to get out of denial, how to use leverage, how and when to set boundaries, and how to have those difficult conversations with her daughter that could change everything for her daughter’s potential recovery…And she will learn and practice how to do it all from an inner state of peace and calm.

Will she join BALM and get to work or will she continue to window shop, telling herself she just hasn’t found it yet? Will she make use of the time she has to shorten and correct her family’s recovery trajectory or will she keep on wondering if anything can help, while taking bits and pieces from different paths and telling herself she just hasn’t found the magic yet?

In the BALM, we teach, “You are always at Choice.”

Of course a parent is at choice as to what path to follow.

But not picking a path?

Yes, that’s a choice…But a risky one…

If you think the BALM’s inside out approach could possibly help you help yourself, your loved one, and your family, stop window shopping and come in the store!

Call us today at 1-888-998-2256 ext 5 to learn more about how the BALM can guide you and your family into a powerful recovery way of life, teaching you how to Be A Loving Mirror so you can bring the sunlight of recovery through loving connection into your family’s life.