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5 Core Benefits of Having a Family Recovery Life Coach

Addiction Recovery for Families, BALM, Family Life Recovery Coach, Family Recovery | February 28, 2020
The Role of Family Recovery in Preventing Overdose

Having a loved one suffer from SUD is heartbreaking for the family. Not everyone can understand what the person involved and family members are going through during these trying times.

There is a myriad of emotions going through each member: pain, guilt, shame, fear and many more. Processing these feelings alone can be overwhelming.

This is where the help of a Family Recovery Life Coach is very valuable. They are there to guide and help navigate through life in those darkest days. But a family recovery coach’s work is not just to listen and hold your hand as you go through the process of recovery. There is more to it than just providing support.

Family Recovery Life Coaches are professionally trained to help those affected with Substance Use Diseases (SUDs) and the family members’ recovery. The family members can start to sort out their lives as they steer through the challenges of loving a person with SUD. The coaching relationship focuses on assisting the affected person to develop the skills, right mindset and tools to transform their relationships and wellness positively.

Here are the 5 core benefits of working with a family recovery life coach.


1. Family Recovery Life Coaches help persons with SUD define their recovery wellness path

This includes learning and understanding effective methods of communication, setting boundaries and helping loved-ones to discover their motivation to change.


2. They help with stress management. 

We all know that stress is the number one leading trigger linked to SUD. Chronic stress from relationships, depression, anxiety, grief or abuse can lead to addiction. A family recovery life coach can help with mindfulness techniques, self-care and provide other ways to avoid the triggers of relapse.


3. They provide personalized attention to persons with SUD and their family members. 

Medical research shows that there is not one single thing to magically cure addiction. This is a lifelong process which requires many steps but the more personalized types of treatments have shown better results. Many people work well with programs that provide personalized attention because it addresses specific issues of the person and his addiction.


4. They help with the development of personal and life goals

Recovery coaches help in pinpointing lifestyle changes in step-by-step plans to reach long-term goals. They also assist in discovering skills and passion to focus on searching for a new career or employment.


5. Family Recovery Life Coaches help in coping with relationship changes. 

People with SUDs have difficulty maintaining relationships. Family members and friends may cut them off because of the stress and anxiety that they cause. There could be some form of violence when the struggling person lashes out. A recovery life coach can help guide the persons involved in creating better communication and relationship even though it may take some time to heal.


In the BALM Program, we see coaching as an accelerator for your BALM work. When you have a BALM Coach, you gain an interactive partner who hears your resistance, your diverging ideas about recovery, and can help you apply each principle, tool, activity and exercise in a way that helps you increase your willingness and effectiveness in helping your loved one move their recovery forward.

Know more about the BALM® Family Recovery Life Coaching here.

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