Over the course of this 6-9 month program, you will receive a strong foundation in life coach and a brief introduction to family recovery coach training, including 48 hours of life coach training and 15 hours of mentor coaching. You will be prepared for your CKA, without a portfolio.

This course includes the BALM Family Program, which will allow you to work on your personal transformation using the BALM Family Recovery Program as you learn about life coaching and gain an introduction to BALM Family Recovery LIfe Coaching.

Includes the following:

  • 40 hours of BALM Family Recovery Education Prerequisites and co-requisites to educate you in the revolutionary method of BALM Recovery
  • 48 hours of general LIfe Coach training including an introduction to family recovery coaching
  • 15 hours of mentor coaching
  • 12-36 hours of buddy coaching of the 100 coaching hours needed to get your ACC.

Why would I want this option?

If you aren’t necessarily looking for certification in family recovery life coaching, but you do want the skills of life coaching, you may want to consider this course.

It is short (6-9 months) and will give you an introduction to this field that is taking the personal development world by a storm.

cost: $5000

duration: 6-9 Months

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