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Know Your Training Options as a BALM Professional

BALM, BALM Family Recovery Life Coach, BALM Recovery Specialist, Coach Training | July 29, 2020
Know Your Training Options as a BALM Professional

A lot of people lean towards coaching to fulfill a life purpose. Coaching in all forms is a calling and that requires a lot of heart, patience and compassion.

… Especially with family recovery coaching and other coaching programs that cater to family needs.

But there’s one question that most people who want to be a life coach seem to avoid. Or maybe they have just not given a lot of thought to it. We are aware of the life changes we can provide our clients with, but most especially, we need to be able to identify what changes life coaching will bring upon ourselves, to our own personal improvement.

What’s in it for you?

You’ve probably considered joining the BALM Professional Training Program but have not enrolled yet. Understandably, you have to consider a lot of other things aside from the program itself.

  • Tuition
  • Accessibility
  • Sustainability

These are some other things that you should also be thinking about when looking for the right coaching program for you.

As a BALM Professional, you would not only be able to fulfill your clients’ goals and change their lives but also your personal, career and financial goals as well. Our coaching programs allow you to start your coaching practice wherever you are comfortable at the moment in terms of your skills and your finances. Our tuition fees are at very reasonable prices and because of the pandemic, we have slashed our prices even more.

The curriculum is rich in training and is preparing you to go out into the world fully equipped. As a life coach, you will be trained to the level of a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). As a Family Recovery Coach, you will have expertise :

  • in life coaching
  • in the Be A Loving Mirror (BALM) Family Recovery Program
  • provide you with a holistic model of family recovery
  • facilitate the BALM 12 Principles
  • supported by a business model proven to be sustainable over time

Many of you are probably trained in other aspects of coaching, or maybe currently taking our other offerings, so you might not need all of these rich training,  it’s okay. The Balm Training Institute offers a lot of options suited to your specific needs when it comes to Family Recovery Coaching.


BALM Family Recovery Specialist/Facilitator

Mastering the BALM Family Recovery Curriculum makes you a certified facilitator of the BALM 12 Principles.

The curriculum is very comprehensive and includes everything from marketing materials, guidance on the course set, fully scripted lessons and powerful slides. We also require students to purchase text and handbooks and provide options for additional materials that you can use and share in your own practice.

Known as Component One of the Full Coach Training Program, this includes access to the BALM Family Recovery Education Program. Later on, if you decide to become a life coach, you can choose to continue to the entire coaching program while you start your career or practice as a facilitator.

This is a good starting point or foundation for coaching if you haven’t had participated in any other coaching programs before.


Advanced Coaching

For ICF- accredited Life Coaches, you can take our advanced coaching and be a BALM Family Recovery Life Coach. There are certain requirements and qualifying factors like assessments on your transcript and skill level that we need to look into before we can take you into the program. If you qualify, you are allowed to skip some portions and move you further towards the advance courses.


The Whole Curriculum

This is, of course, our premium course as explained in the Blueprint to BALM Family Recovery Life Coaching and the Quick Start Guide. This is a complete course with all the support you need, all of those mentioned above in the Facilitator/Specialist training and the Advanced Coaching course, and a business model that you can implement on your coaching practice. This business model has been proven to work overtime.

BALM Training Special Pricing

We are offering the whole curriculum at a special price due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Visit this page to know more.

For more detailed information about the courses, click here.