Just because you have struggled with your own use disorder, or are related to someone who does, does not mean that your relationship your own or your loved one’s use disorder is all you want to work on. You may want nothing more than to get yourself or your loved one into recovery OR you may be way past that stage and totally into developing the career or life your dreams. Either way, a coach is the perfect companion to take on the journey. A BALM Family Recovery Life Coach is trained to coach anyone on anything while having specialized training in the family recovery field. As such, he or she will ask you powerful questions that will spur your best thinking and allow you to move forward at your pace toward the life of your dreams! Coaching is a powerful form of support for individuals and/or families looking to take their life to the next level – whether that means relief from the hell of dealing with a use disorder, or the opportunity to develop exciting plans for the future!

Coaching is an interactive process in which the clients’ needs and goals are held as most important. The Coach’s job is to provide a container of safety within which the client may work toward reaching for the goals and dreams of the client’s choice. Individual coaching provides the privacy of a one-one relationship and the time to focus fully and completely on the needs that you as an individual bring to coaching.

If you ARE dealing with a use disorder or a loved one’s struggles with one, enrolling in the BALM Comprehensive for families or loved ones will provide you with the education you need to accelerate your coaching so you can move through your recovery work more swiftly and thoroughly and get on to working on the aspects of your life beyond and based on a solid recovery!

Here are what people are saying about working with a BALM Family Recovery Life Coach:

“ I have learned so much about myself and how to have healthier, move loving relationships! “

“In all candor, I can certainly say that our interaction and involvement with our son has changed because of the work we have done with you.  Without your experienced guidance and willingness to serve as mediator, facilitator, guru and coach, all of us would be in a very different place. Obviously, we realize these steps of ours do not insure our son’s long term sobriety nor even our ability to always accept reality.  However, we can whole heartedly say it would have been a challenge for all of us to “get to this place” without our Guardian Angel Beverly sitting on our shoulders.And, yes, being a parent is the most challenging of professions traveling the rockiest of roads — even without the presence and threat of addiction.  We’re so glad you are here to help us navigate that road.”  – A BALM Family Recovery Coaching Client

Since working with BALM (Be A Loving Mirror) I was able to accept whatever she had to say. No matter what we talked about, I didn’t once criticize or complain about how she had messed up her life and I wasn’t even sitting in those thoughts myself! It was a wonderful visit! Thank you, Bev and classmates for teaching me how to be a ‘Loving Mirror!”’ I don’t think I could have done it without you.” – A Loving Mirror Mom

As the parent of a teen who experiences addictive and compulsive behaviors I have learned new ways to calm and center myself, to share my concerns in a nonjudgmental way, to listen, understand and honor my child’s struggles and to set healthy and effective boundaries. Thank you Bev for the extraordinary ways you have blessed my family and me. I highly recommend this program to anyone who loves a person with addictions.” – A Loving Mirror Mom

“I started working with Bev at one of the lowest points in my life. I had lost all confidence and felt totally responsible for everything that was happening with my family. Partnering with Bev as my recovery coach changed all that! Bev understood exactly how I felt and knew how to move me forward into action.” -A Family Recovery Coaching Client