Interested in Recovery Coach Training and Certification?

Become a BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach

Being a Life Coach is a powerful, purposeful career path. Being a BALM Family Recovery Life Coach takes life coaching to a whole new level.


Using the BALM Family Recovery curriculum, along with BALM’s powerful coach training tools, the coach accelerates the family’s progress from the start.


Once the family member begins to own all that the BALM® and the coaching are providing, serenity is restored, and the coach and family member move toward pure life coaching.

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Who is it for?

  • You believe that recovery is possible for the family and the loved one
  • You are ready to engage in a powerful, solution-focused training program
  • You know that love and connection are key 
  • You aspire to excellence in coaching
  • You want to start building your business NOW while engaging in deep substantial training
  • You are a BALM® client who aspires to be a BALM® Coach

What you will get out of this program:

  • A viable career path whose time has come!
  • Mastery of the BALM® Family Recovery program
  • Life Coach and Family Recovery Coach Training and Tools to carry you through a lifetime of coaching
  • Certification in two areas: 12 Principles Facilitation Certification and BALM® Family Recovery Life Coaching
  • The ability to coach anyone on anything
  • A head start toward your goals
  • Acceleration of your own family recovery and/or recovery journey 
  • Powerful business development training

Learn more about the BALM® Family Recovery program

Visit our main site at This is where families can discover what the BALM® is all about.

Here's what is included:

BALM® Mastery:

  • BALM® Mastery (includes the BALM Family Recovery program)
  • 12 Weekly Gatherings to deepen your understanding of BALM® as a professional
  • 12 Principles Live Facilitation Certification

Coaching Mastery:

  • Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Life Coach Training
  • BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Training
  • Business Development Training for both facilitation and life coaching