The BALM Family Recovery Education Facilitator Program is designed to provide professionals in the Substance Use Disorder, mental health, education, and health fields with the training necessary to facilitate the Be A Loving Mirror (BALM) Programs in treatment programs, schools, hospitals, private therapy practices, and community organizations. These programs, written specifically for family members and individuals with use disorders, provide clients with the ability to approach the challenges they face powerfully, with information, confidence and a peaceful, loving, recovery-oriented attitude and perspective.

The BALM is a mindfulness-based program that empowers families to deeply transform their relationships on all levels. In preparing to facilitate this deep level of transformation in families, facilitators experience it themselves by going through the program as participants.

As a result of this approach, professionals who participate in the BALM often say things like, “I came for a new career and received a personal transformation.” This program works from the inside out for the families it serves and the professionals facilitating it.

This package is for in-person facilitation of the BALM programs. For treatment centers wishing to provide the BALM for the out-of-town families they serve, this package can be purchased in concert with a license for families to access the online BALM family program.

The following is included in this program:

BALM Pre-Requisites

The BALM Intensive Retreat – Transformative Solutions to Addiction (in-person live or live online) 3 full days

+ Online BALM Family Recovery Program  – which includes  live online and recorded web conferences, digital handbooks and handouts. Completion of the following courses is required for certification:

+ BALM 12 Principles – listen to 12 lessons and 45 selected recorded interviews out of 357 available

+ 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror – take the course twice during your time in the program in addition to the Intensive Retreat

Core Facilitation Course

+ Foundations of BALM Facilitation – 24 hour online course

Facilitation Courses (to be taken after the pre-requisites and Core Course)

+ 12 Principles for Families Facilitators Course –  q and a sessions online

+ Print Manuals available for purchase for students

+ 7 Steps Facilitators Course –  q and a sessions online

+ Facilitator Courses include Facilitator Scripts and/or Power Point Guides

+ digital participant manuals included prior to publication of print manuals.


+ weekly group q and a calls available for one year

+ Practicum live in-person or live online – 2 days

Grow Your Business:

+ Business Development Course -8 hours online recorded

+ Checklists for your business start-up

+ Templates for your business

+ Marketing Templates

+ Contract Templates