Are you afraid to have a direct conversation with your loved one?

Is their SUD scaring you but every time you try to talk about it you freeze?

Do you fear they will yell, or rage or simply ignore you?

These feelings are normal for a family member whose loved one has an addiction.
And... they need to hear from you.

The question is, what do they need to hear and how can you speak to them so they will hear you?

In this webinar, I will share just that: How to have an effective yet loving conversation with your struggling family member, friend or colleague, one that could make a huge difference for them and will certainly help you vent without offending them.

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This conversation is what we call a BALM conversation. A Be A Loving Mirror conversation - one that will help you open your heart and mind to speak in a way that can help you help your loved one make a new decision in their life - one that can change the trajectory of their recovery journey - and yours…

What You'll Learn From the BALM Approach:

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