The BALM Family Recovery Education Facilitator Program is designed to provide professionals in the Substance Use Disorder, mental health, education, and health fields with the training necessary to facilitate the Be A Loving Mirror (BALM) Programs in treatment programs, schools, hospitals, private therapy practices, and community organizations. These programs, written specifically for family members and individuals with use disorders, provide clients with the ability to approach the challenges they face powerfully, with information, confidence and a peaceful, loving, recovery-oriented attitude and perspective.


The BALM is a mindfulness based program that empowers families to deeply transform their relationships on all levels. In preparing to facilitate this deep level of transformation in families, facilitators experience it themselves by going through the program as participants.

As a result of this approach, professionals who participate in the BALM often say things like, “I came for a new career and received a personal transformation.” This program works from the inside out for the families it serves and the professionals facilitating it.



Mindfulness Retreat weekend – BALM 12 Principles

Can be in person OR online


Self Study component: Listen to all 12 principle lessons (online recordings) and 3 interviews per principle during the first 3 months of this six month program.


Weeks 1-12 – Foundations of BALM Facilitation

  • Life coach approach summarized
  • BALM Holistic Model of Family Recovery Development


Self study component: study 7 steps course online


Mindfulness Retreat Weekend

7 Steps to BALM

Can be in person or online


Weeks 13-18 – BALM 12 principle Facilitation

Weeks 19-26 Take a family through the 7 steps.

Live In Person Practicum Retreat weekend – Get Feedback and Add to Your Facilitation Expertise!