12 Principles for Individuals with
Use Disorder

For Loved Ones and Coaches in the BALM® Community

BALM Principles adapted for use by individuals in recovery

Dates and Time TBA

for whom

  • Participants engaged in a recovery process or willing to consider becoming involved in one
  • Participants able to be consistent with attendance
  • Participants not under the influence of mood altering substances during class
  • One person per family
  • Participants currently have, have had, or are willing to get a BALM Recovery coach
  • Family members have or have had a BALM Family Recovery coach
  • Family members in the BALM One Year Family Recovery program


  • Education around how to enhance your own recovery through universal principles of BALM.
  • A Loving Path to Freedom from active use.
  • Learn tools to increase your self-awareness, become empowered to take personal responsibility, and build a personalized path to recovery.
  • Heal and enhance your relationships with yourself, with others, and with spirituality.


for the 13-week course and course manual